Friday, 13 July 2012

We were warmly welcomed in our college JNMC . An event of tree plantation was organized . it was a great experience as it was one of the most auspicious activity to start with. It symbolized the start of our now life and prosperity . It was really an unforgettable experience for all of us. We were unfamiliar with each other and the surroundings.
It was a pleasant day . we all gathered and went to the health club . It was drizzling and the whole area was muddy . it was really amusing to see all of us struggling with mud.
 Then we were provided with small banana trees which we planted.
We had a photo session too Capturing all the excitement and happiness of the day. That day I interacted with all of my batch mates, made new friends and contributed to the environment too..
Its  feels really nice to go there and  watch those trees grow and flourish.
I am waiting for the day when it will give us bananas J
 - Tanvi 2k10  

In these modern times of industrialization and globalization , there is large scale deforestation . coming from a big city , where pollution is a major cause for concern . I always wanted to study in place with a lot of greenery , fresh air and pollution free environment. And I got this chance when I came here It was our first day in college and tree plantation was the best way to start it. we were taken to the health club for the task . I was mesmerized by the beauty of the place.
We were given saplings to plant. I still feel lucky that I did it. It was the first time when I engaged myself in such an activity. We without being bothered about our clothes enjoyed putting our hands in the mud and got dirty.
The health club area still remains our favorite area in the campus. When we want some fresh air, some good advice we take a stroll in the health club area . the tree plantation is a very good initiative taken by our college and probably the best way to start a new session into this noble profession.
- S. Shruti 2k10

Just as a new bud blooms to spread its fragrance in the beautiful world .. so fresh.. so cheerful.. yet so unaware of the ambience around.. the same were we when came to this beautiful land of sawangi.
An induction program was organized by the dpt. Of anatomy so that we get oriented to the environment . a part of this program was the tree plantation
It was 7 July 2010. A very enthusiastic morning with drizzling dews as blessings from above . we gathered near health club . it was beautiful. Then we were provided with saplings to plant. that was soothing activity to heart and soul  and made us realize our vision .
- Purvee Agrawal

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