Friday, 13 July 2012

Start Saving Today

1)Power down computers and monitors
Turn off your computers and monitors when they are not being used. Contrary to popular beliefs, turning them on and off will not cause damage

2)Take showers
Take short showers instead of baths . The amount of water used and heated is significantly less for a shower . Don't forget to close the taps while brushing or shaving.

3)Avoid carelessness
Close air conditioners and heaters in unused rooms . No need to cool or warm areas that people are not in!

4)One time investment
When shopping for a new appliance invest in energy star. Energy star appliances are not by any means cheap ,but the upfront cost will pay for it self ten fold in the amount of energy you will be saving over time.

5)On the move – Drive smart
Keep the drive slow and safe. Driving at 65 miles per hour rather than 55 miles per hour reduces fuel economy by about 2 miles per gallon. Unnecessary speed ups , slowdowns and stops, decrease fuel.

6)Beware of overcharging
We all seem to have about a million chargers lying around. Mobile phone chargers, camera chargers, MP3 player chargers etc. Instead of leaving them in the outlet in 24/7, plug them in only when they are needed. These little energy ferneries use power whenever they are plugged in, regardless of whether they are charging batteries or not.

7)Switch off the lights
When being  the last to leave a room turn out the lights .IT will always be saving energy with few exceptions also saving money.

8)Heat or cool the living / work space – not the world
Does the building have enough insulation? Older homes and buildings probably don’t .Windows are also an area where energy costs are moving from their desired purpose to change the temperature of the outside air .

9)Each one plant one
Everyone should plant a tree at least one just in order to return our mother nature what we snatch from her.

10)Make  all this a habit
Habits are those things  that we do without thinking . Developing a habit takes time. at first it may take some constant thoughts and reminders. By spending time considering your actions and doing things to save energy each day ,these actions will become a habit.

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