Friday, 13 July 2012

Hindi Soap Operas

Where do I start? I believe that there are 2 types of Indians, those who love watching Hindi soap operas & those who love criticizing them; but watch them all the same. I fall into the second category as I am very sure that nowhere else in the world will you find serials soo long winded, confusing &dramatic as our very own ones.
For instance, every time the heroine has an accident & is about to die, there is always a plastic surgeon around who changes her face & saves her life; Reality Check: Plastic surgeons can definitely change the way you look but they absolutely cannot save a dying person from the grips  of death.  And exactly  how much money do they have that they get plastic surgery done every few months!
Talking about money, how come in these serials people always go to bed also extravagantly dressed in full make – up & jewellery. I mean there is a height to being glamorous.
Then there is villainess. She’s the easiest to spot….gaudy sari, weird hairstyle, excess jewellery & eye make-up that could scare the wits of Voldemort . There’s also those cockroach shaped bindis & personal theme music. Yup, that’s the bad person.
Of course, there’s also a long winded story-line, to keep track of which, you need intelligence par a rocket scientist. For example, there was this show ‘Kayamath’ in which the central characters were Prachi, Neev, Milind & Ayesha; The story line : Neev loves Prachi, Prachi loves Neev but he gets married to her sister, Ayesha, who loves Milind, who gets married to Prachi in order to make Ayesha jealous, which makes Neev jealous as well, who is confused about his feelings for Prachi, who starts caring for Milind, who starts caring for Prachi, but then realizes he’s supposed to be in love with Ayesha. Got it?!
Well folks! It’s time to GET REAL…..

Anusha 2009

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