Friday, 13 July 2012

Catch them RED handed

Generally most people don’t mean what they say .You are not at all wrong when you think so.
 It has been proved in a survey that 55% of what a person says is depicted by the body language .body language is simply the outward reflection of a person’s mental and emotional condition. The body doesn’t know how to lie. So, if we learn to read the body language we can assess that how much a person actually means of what he is saying.
Here are some common gestures and their interpretations.
Read and apply... but remember never interpret a single gesture without taking other gestures and circumstances into consideration.
Open palms denote truth ,openness, faithfulness and compliance
Handshakes -palm faced upwards  means submission ,palm facing downwards means dominance
Glove handshake arouses suspicion if two people are not well known to each other
Dead fish handshake denotes disinterest
Rubbing palms together depicts positive expectations and interest towards a thing
Hands clenched together can be a symbol of frustration hostility and negative attitude
One palm gripping the other  hand behind back shows confidence
nose touch is done in process of hiding deceit
  • ear rub denotes disinterest in listening
Chin on hand shows boredom
Rubbing the back of neck denotes lying 
Eye rub shows the person is trying to lie
Sideways glance with smile depicts interest
Sideways glance with frown shows hostility
Thumb supporting the chin while index finger points vertically up the cheek represents negative thoughts
Crossed arms and legs denotes displeasure and denotes that the person is uncomfortable or scared
  • Eye contact if direct shows confidence and truthfulness
Collar pull is done when the persons suspects that he has been caught out
Two people standing in such a way that if a third person is standing means that they want someone else to join
Two people standing and on the entry of the third they merely turn their head and not bodies shows disinterest 
Pointing foot towards a particular person while standing in a group denotes interest.
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead... Chose your subjects and read their minds

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