Sunday, 15 July 2012

Genetic Wonders
Think of the future
With the gene therapy
You will solve the mystery
Of the human being
You can run the amazing
Mankind gene factory.
For the ideal male
Endorse with a good orthopaedic gene
For the fantastic muscles
See the anatomists and surgeons
Create the supreme
With a handsome physique
It will the unique i.e. superman!
For the female
With a gynaecoid gene
Create a nice figure With consultation with ophthalmologist
Borrow the gene for eye
Involve ENT surgeons and dentists
For the nice face
So your model will be ready as Miss Universe
For good nature
You have to think more
Consult with physicians and psychiatrist
For the brain and the heart
Rehearsals and trials
With the help of pathologists, radiologists
So the whole universe
Will be at your feet
Thewhole system will be changed
But beware of the bad part of it
It can create havoc
So no one is above Almighty God.

-Sanchita S Sanghai,2009 batch

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