Sunday, 15 July 2012

a baffling species …

Front benchers have always been highlighted as the brilliant CFLs amongst the zero watt bulbs. Isn’t it a pity that the people who are the majority “seat-holders” in the class (namely the back benchers who are considered extremely virulent organisms causing communicative noise-o-comial infections) have to bear the brunt of sarcasm who thinks sense of humour is something that only is the anterior chamber of eyes (yes!! The front benchers)
If you thought a front bencher was a shy and timid character with (1) spectacle, and (2) heavy bag
You are wrong!!! Those were the days of the past. As these days certain mutant strains prevail-
50 percent front benchers are actually the backbenchers called to the front row by the teachers when caught talking or sleeping (proving thereby that, to sit on the front bench is no less than a punishment)
10 percent are lazy and sluggish who make an entry in the class and collapse on the very first seat they see vacant, saving their precious calories.
10 percent are myopics who have left their spectacles at their hostels or still not able to see with their spectacles on (especially people like me)
10 percent are people with sensoryneural deafness with no other choice but to sit in front.yes yes!! These are those people who if by chance happened to sit at back bench will be saying that people talk too much and make statements like I could not make out a single word spoken in this lecture.
10 percent are firm believers of the philosophy that its always the backbenchers who are questioned
5 percent think that to be in their  fantasy world is easier to sit on the front bench rather than at the back
Remaining 5 percent are “jack of all trades and master of none”, who have this problem of “Gyaan hai par aata kuch Nahi”, the sufferers of the psychological disorder called “kitabophilia”. Love and support is the treatment …

So … think before you sit on the front bench next time !!! :P

- Mansi Sharma (2010 Batch) 
Sweta Agrawal (2008 Batch)

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