Friday, 13 July 2012

Roommate ko ‘tang ‘ karne ke tareeke

(Statutory warning –All the actions written below should be performed at one’s own risk :P)
  • Wipe your wet dripping hands on your roommate’s clothes instead of your towel.
  • Boil some eggs .eat them sitting in front of your roommate. Offer him /her too. And if he /she agree, serve it unboiled. And watch with a grin as they crack it open
  • Take out that small electronic chip from a musical greeting card and place it beneath his/her pillow. So whenever he /she will try to fetch some peaceful sleep... the pillow will sing
  • Mix some edible colour in their liquid hand wash .so when they try to wash their hands. The land up messier than before and you merrier than before.
  • Every day shift your roommate’s stuff some feet away. In about 2 weeks his/her furniture will almost be out of the room making him/her think that the world shifting!!!
  • Take a foul smelling substance and hide it beneath roommate’s bed. They will then tear their room apart looking for the smell. watch them go crazy but arrange a good room freshener too
  • Take your roommate’s shoes and glue them to the floor and watch them being stuck up 
  • Replace your roommate’s deodorant with cream icing bottle’s contents. The next time they try to  get fresh, they will get a cheesy cream surprise
  • Pour some baby powder on ceiling fan and when your roommate turns it on. The powder would be everywhere. Then watch him/her clean the mess
  • Coat your roommate’s soap bar with a transparent nail polish and let it dry .your roommate will go nuts trying to get lather out of it.Pour some glue over your roommate’s cell phone and when it rings he/she will receive the call in the most stickiest way possible
  • Empty your roommate’s shampoo bottle and fill it with baby oil. The next time they want to have a head bath, they will come out in the oily wet look .don’t laugh, it can happen to you too.
  • Set four a.m.  wake up alarm in your roommate’s cell phone/clock and hide it somewhere near him/her and be ready to bear the brunt if caught
  • If your roommate likes to listen to songs loudly ,then learn the lyrics of his/her favourite song and next time when he /she plays it .sing on the top of your voice like you have never sung before to ruin his/her pleasure
  • Switch off the chargers when your roommate is not noticing.. And the time when your roommate goes bonkers by seeing the low battery symbol on his /her device... It is the time to be environmentalist. That’s when he/she asks for an explanation. Just say innocently that you were saving energy. But yes be ready to run after that. Otherwise the consequences can be dangerous 
...There are lots more ..these are just a few of them .. just let that naughty part of your grey matter take over the charge and see the ideas flow.

-Compiled by students residing in the hostels of DMIMS

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