Friday, 13 July 2012


You would be thinking that this article will be useless like all those million other write ups which recommend you a different route of dieting and promise to be a painless and quick way to lose weight . But ,here is a diet that is right for you. Best of all ,its one that fits well in your life and you chose it yourself.
Just answer 3 questions and you are all set to plan a personalized tailor made diet for you
What kind of a person I am ?
What kind of food do I like ?
What kind of life do I lead ?
Now, the first question will help you to sort out that what amount of self control can you keep and that will be a major factor in planning your diet chart.
The second question will give an idea about how much avoidable calories you dump in. Divide the food you eat into non veg,dairy,fruits and veggies, potatoes, cereals and things made of flour.
Finally on to ‘kind of life I lead’ will help you know what your daily your weekend activities, the amount of physical activity you do.
All this will help analyze the food intake and energy demand.
The mantra is – if you take in fewer calories than you spend, you will lose weight.
Now after collecting all that preliminary data, we proceed further to plan a diet for us –
Most adults women need 2000-3000 calories a day, men need 2200- 2600 calories. But An adult who wants to lose weight steadily should limit himself to 1200-1300 calories a day
Now, keeping those figures in mind and go back to the list you have made in question 2 ..use a calorie chart to find out their content
After knowing their calorie value, make them fit in your schedule not exceeding the limit
It depends on you now that whether you want to eat it all in one meal or divide it into small meals distributed properly throughout the day.
This way you will get your own diet chart. Just keep in mind that you opt for a balanced diet.
If you know you have a treat waiting at the weekend , compensate for it the whole week.
You may also keep yourself motivated by giving a reward like a fudge Sunday to loss of first 3 kilos or so.
Afterall, just remember – your life determines the diet , not the diet your life ….

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