Monday, 16 July 2012

A Rendezvous  with the  Dean Dr. S. Shrivastava

Dean of a medical at such a young age, how does it feel?
It feels really good. Age is not the achievement. The achievement is I was at the right place in the right time. At my time the tradition was shifting from medical colleges to private practice. I went against the time and stuck to hardcore traditional medical college job. So my seniority grew really fast and within a short span of time, I gained a lot.

A lot of changes are going on in our college, be it renovations in the lecture halls or the other construction work. Sir, can you give us a concept plan of all the changes which is in your mind?
When I think of this college, I think 20 years ahead. All the changes being made are in that respect. And thing that is required the most is infrastructure; you have to have a good infrastructure including good lecture hall and labs to make a conducive environment for learning. And things are being done to improve this aspect of our institution .because our output is not what we are achieving it is what u will achieve. The input is you the output is you. We are just in between helping you. So to make the environment student centric is my responsibility. It said now days that today’s doctor are not good enough. I say it is not the students who are not good, it is just that what is to be learnt is a lot, the time period is short and the expectations are really high. What I learnt during my UG days .it is also taught to you and as it is said medical knowledge becomes twice every 5 years. So u read 4 times of what I read but the time period given is same.

How important do you think attendance is?
Two things take huge efforts one is to get distinction and to fail. If you come to the class everyday. I give you assurance u wont fail. It seems as attendance to you .but it seems as assurance to your teachers. And tell me you have really less time to learn and revise. You cannot afford to lose even a single minute. Medical science is more of wisdom and less of knowledge .it is more of correlation which you are being taught in the lectures. so attending them is a must .you cannot cope up with the entire syllabus in just 15 days before exams like other courses. So it is like lectures provide you a routine with which you can study and complete your course on time. So attend the classes.

What is your mantra for life?
Live the moment not the hour. Live where you are... not the future nor the past .now am sitting with you... am with you... once in a meeting... am in a different mindset... if off for a holiday a.. Am in a total frolic mood. don't mix work... I try to finish things as soon as possible. Don’t leave things incomplete / out of sight, out of mind... so keep things in writing... don’t keep them in mind... so there  is no burden on your mind. Once the work is done... the time which is left is mine. I have a library of my own... so my mantra is either finish of a novel or see a movie for 2-3 hours a day. And it is not that u will not get time... if you want to do the things... you have enough time. Just prioritization is all what is needed.

What advice will you give to our readers for study?
There are two things study and time.
Leave the burden of failing. If your attendance is good and if you are attentive enough you will pass. In Indian scenario you can guess what examiner is going to ask. You can get into the mindset of the examiner and foresee what will be asked. Condensation gives you a better idea. Elaboration is not needed in UG level. Illustration makes you focused. It is the idea which you should get into and not the content. Simple way of studying is read the whole chapter fast  within 2 hours  without bothering how much have u grasped or not .. Sit for 5 minutes and think what was really there to read in it. Highlight it and read it. It will save your time... mark the keywords remember them and you can write volumes on that topic with the help of those words.
Once you get the basic grip... it is not difficult to form a diagnosis. But the point is you will have to read every day .as far as time management is concerned it is a very simple thing, You just have to prioritize the things and everything will fall in place automatically. Just document the things and the conflict is over and you will save the time wasted just in thinking.
Clarity of thoughts is all what is needed. Be practical in making your priorities .even if you miss a thing for a day... you can roll it over
Never repent for what you did
Never ever feel guilt for what happened... look forward... if you do that nobody can stop you...
Never compare yourself... why me or why not me... Be happy in both the conditions...

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