Friday, 13 July 2012

for Waghpur

What would you prefer to do if you have just 2 days off and you desperately want to leave for a countryside? Most of us would enjoy a trip to a national reserve or a wildlife sanctuary.

And what would it be without the sight of that big, majestic, stripped beast which makes ones jaw drop? Many would even go to the extent of faking to have witnessed a family of tigers just inches away(nah…that’s too much) okay…feet away from their car. But for those who’ve done this- tigers are solitary animals, they don’t roam about in families on the roads!!!!

According to the national tiger population census in 2010 the tiger population in India is estimated to be approximately 1411 to 1706. Out of this enormous number about 169 are reported to be in Maharashtra. And a large chunk of this amounting to 148 tigers are reported to be in the reserves around Nagpur. This is a considerable increase from 103 tigers in 2006.

The increase in tiger numbers in Tadoba, Sahiyadri-Sindhudurg, NagjiraNavegaon and Bor is a hope to all the tiger conservationists and Nagpurians.

Recently Times of India in association with Alag Angle an NGO for the cause of tiger conservation and promoting tourism in Nagpur. The name was then aptly given –“NAGPUR ROARS FOR WAGHPUR”. The motion was made public by organizing a meet in front of Maharajbagh zoo from the 1st to 3rd April. Nagpurkars from all strata of society and crossing all age bars lend their hands to paint their resolution in beautiful art forms on the Maharajbagh Zoo wall extending from the variety square to the Mahrajbagh gate.
Leading artist from Alag Angle started on 1st April and on the 3rd Nagpurkars joined the fest and painted their hearts out.

The passion of the Nagpurkars was rewarded at last when the chief minister of Maharashtra Prithviraj Chavan took the initiative of raising the point strongly in the parliament.

Much has been done but more remains…. As the tiger population strengthens, like the determination of the people, there is hope that one day soon enough Nagpur would be declared as India’s tiger capital.

Till then keep roaring Nagpur!!!

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