Friday, 13 July 2012

A Mixed Bag

‘A Mixed Bag’ that’s what one would term the group of people who live around us. Some of them are tiresomely bubbly & talkative while on the flip side; others sit so quietly that it seems as if they had just been confronted by a cobra or Count Dracula himself & lost their power of speech. And then, there are those who tend to be tediously didactic & preachy. The most annoying being the grouchy types. To think of it, life would become boring without them. Let me make you familiar with some peculiar groups of people.


  Branded as ‘ cynical critics’,they believe in ‘Everything that goes up

 has to come down’ rather than ‘has to be pulled down!’ No, I’m not referring to Newton’s Law of Gravitation or any other physical law. They are people who will rejoice in pulling down their neighbour’s wall even if their own bull died in the process. They can be a real problem at times because they are the discouraging, debilitating & demoralising lot. So be wary of them!


Commonly known as the ‘ know-it-alls’, they constantly blow their own trumpets, lecturing about the Fourth state of matter or commenting on Justin Timberlake’s latest chart topping single. One can’t blame them because they themselves are not aware that they can be such pains especially on rainy days.


This group falls into the so-called ‘dazed ones’. The other day I met my batch-mate who was walking in the corridor with a rather puzzled expression on her face. When I enquired if everything was alright, she reported that her ‘horror’-scope read that this week she would be sailing in the sea of uncertainity & that she was trying to find out what could possibly confuse her! Members of this group are quite jovial & possibly the least irksome of all (as they manage to get a smile on your face).

I would like to go on & on with my ‘psycho-analytic’, but I think I better stop here. Got to get back before sunset or else I won’t be able to see clearly. It’s not because I suffer from night-blindness but because I’m wearing sunglasses.

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