Friday, 13 July 2012

How YOU take it!!!
        I am a JNMCian. Have been for the past three years and will remain one for the rest of my life. And I feel pride whenever I say this! True there have been times, moments, when my cynical attitude has taken over, leading to spurts of disgust and disappointment, but let's face it- even your parents might let you down at times. And a barrel as large as JNMC has to have its share of rotten apples, right?
        So what's wrong with us? Why have we let the small things in life affect us to the point where we have just stopped caring about the place we live in ? Why have we given up on making the place where we spend all our day, a better place to live in ? We all have our special moments at JNMC which we pack into our treasure chests with the grit and determination of pouring onto our grandchildren once we are "out of this juncture". Is that it?!? What about the rest of the batches who are yet to come n become a part of this institution? What will they get to see here? Broken chairs, scribbled desks, scratched walls, canteen turned into dustbin, shattered glass-panes ... can’t we prevent all this ... aren’t we mature and sensible enough to think about all this ... just imagine 
How can you make your clinic, your home, your hospital, your world -a better place to live in if you do not start with your alma mater?
        Today we have brilliant shining brains with us in our campus ... We have awesome artists -in the back benches as well as the front rows- painters, singers, athletes, debaters, musicians, actors and writers and all of them are equally good in academics but guess what-nobody cares, nobody has a sense of belonging towards the college these days.
        No wonder why my seniors keep whining about the "good old days".
     College life is not just about wooing girls and smoking cigarettes and going into syncope over an impending ward leaving exam or a pct exam. Stop thinking just about yourselves you idiots (stop being self-centerd). How about thinking of something else for a change?
        How about caring a little?
       Sure, you'll be playing havoc with your normal schedule in the beginning, sure it's not going to be easy, and yes-you better be prepared to withstand the backlash. But remember, the college does not belong to the authorities, it belongs to us. You may not get paid to pick up a Pepsi can and throw it into the dustbin but it will earn you a lot more- your self-respect(a sense of having fulfilled our duty).
        Do anything, anything at all, but all I have to say is make sure you have tears in your eyes when you bid adieu to these buildings. And they will cry for you too. So good luck and to the future JNMCians - welcome to the best college in the world!

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