Friday, 13 July 2012

Break toh Banta Hai..!!
Just recall the last time you had an argument with your roomies.. Mustn't have been long back..
Or how about a husky thrashing from the professor for being late in the clinic & yet not being allowed in the class.. Ought to be a daily scenario..
Or when you've reached the deadline for all your assignments which are yet to be started..
Well don’t know about you, but talking of myself, these mere crappy things get on my nerves very often, piling up the sky-scraping level of STRESS; which is in the air..!! It's everywhere..!! Stress is an ignorant state which believes that everything is an emergency. It's as if your body is constantly shouting, Do something!”, & your brain is shouting back, “I don't know what to do..!!” :o

Given a chance to curb down such dreadful events who would not wish to scrub 'em off their roots. Why leave behind anything that annoys you??
But then it ain't possible to start hitting every other person you meet 'cause you find 'em annoying!
So, let's find a sane way out.. How about wrecking the sole sequel of this entire hassle?

~ Take off with simple plans. Try & simplify your life. The biggest etiology behind stress is rotten organization of stuff with time.  Perhaps there is nothing new with my “Gyaan” on time management, but for an instance give it a thought, have you ever maintained your to-do list on daily grounds & encountered such extremely stressing situations? Well it's quite absurd if it so happens! Just try & make your schedule more manageable.

~ Music is my personal say. You can't ever imagine what impact it is going to confer upon your being. A colossal collection of songs, out of which be it a track of any genre, any of Atif's chants or Rahman's sagas.. Justin Beiber or Lady Gaga..!!  Imagine putting on your headphones, with eyes closed & mind shutting out the entire world.. Even before you realize, the palliative voice & the tranquilizing tune will unfurl its aura & extend its vibes & then you won't be able to resist your feet from tapping to the tempo of the song.. And once you get all engrossed in the rhythm divine, do you think you'll still pick on your STRESS rather than something so fine??

~ No matter how much you try to repulse from Nature for your worldly gains, you gotta come back to RECHARGE..!! So enjoy the outdoors, explore nature. Sometimes only a long walk, be it solo or in a bunch, gives you so much to think of that you tend to pardon all the bugs that your life has to offer. It leaves you lively & abandoned to start afresh..

And as they say, Maana ki life bahot busy hai, par kabhi kabhi Break Banta Hai..!!” Toh break lo, kya pata zindagi aapko kuch haseen dikha de..!

~ Cry hard..!! There's nothing exclusively feminine about it. It’s absolutely ok to cry if you feel like. Even if that's when you're watching an over-the-top romantic comedy. 'Cause it's the purest emotion one can have, crying heartily can be as “kuchh bhi” as a hearty laugh & as appeasing as a warm clinch..!!

~ Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths. Don't get so exhausted so as to miss out the most crucial things of your life, the ones which are your best-loved.. Creativity, Adventure or Community..  Instigate a craving for 1 of these..

~ Stress is when you wake up screaming and you realize you haven't fallen asleep yet, so Sleep often, 'cause the committee of sleep works well to resolve all sorts of problems..

~ Stop from daily routine, chill out & Eat..  Its better to gain those few extra calories which can be burned up in time rather than getting burned up in stress..
Read, write, draw, paint, watch movies, talk to a venting friend, stroll around in the terrace, play with kids, or experiment with any of your nutty thoughts. Also, needless to say, Yoga & Meditation sorta stuff is second to none if you can implement, but 'cause I could never give it a shot, I consider it to be an Ideal Prophylactic Measure which ofcourse is challenging. So go for it if you feel you've attained the acme of STRESS, but if you fail at it, don’t worry it's perfectly normal..!!

And as Baba Ranchhod-das Shyamaldas Chanchad would say, that merely saying Aal Iss Well doesn't solve the problem, but gives you the strength to face that problem head-on. Likewise don't let your mind bully your body into believing that it must carry the burden of its worries.

Give your stress wings & let it fly away..!!

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